Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i couldn't be happier that this weekend is over.
my saturday night was a hot mess in the worst way possible.
i think i'm getting sick.
i hope i'm wrong. what if it's the swineeee?
i missed the vma's.
DANG IT. now i'll never know what kanye said!
but i did watch (the 1st half of) the bears game before margaux & i went to see the ugly truth at the tivoli theatre.
that's the super cute old fashioned one i talked about before. & tix are $4. what's not to love?
i haven't done color of the week in a really long time.
it's not that i've been forgetting, i've just been lazy.
i'm seriously obsessed with this girl/blog.
she does diy projects all the time (which turn out amazing) & thrifts like everything she wears & always manages to look hot. how!? i'm pretty convinced that i'd look like a homeless if i took up that lifestyle. ...i'm kind of inspired to try though? heaven help me.

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