Wednesday, September 9, 2009


our house is officially on the market.
today we had realtors & a photographer come through to take pics of the house for the listing. omg, this is the saddest day ever. i know it's just a house & seeing as how my mom's an interior designer, it's not even possible for our new house to be less than beautiful after she gets her hands on it, but this is home. we built this house before i was born. we've had every christmas here for the past 25 years. every room holds a million memories of good times, bad times, childhood, people loved and lost. i knew my parents never intended to stay here forever, but in the back of my mind, i kind of thought they would. it's just so sad to know that our beautiful home might belong to some other weird (maybe) family in a matter of months. possibly even sooner, considering the crap the realtors say when they walk in. wahhhhh, i'm such a sappy baby but i just can't help it.

in other news...
i rescheduled my date, originally set for tonight.
erik & i are going out tomorrow instead. not sure what the plan is yet.

if i had the extra cash, i would totally snatch up all of the jewels featured on hautelook today.

i really do need a black leather jacket.
it would make me look a lot cooler & would make me a lot less resistant to the coming of fall (which has already begun here in chicago... i saw leavessss on the ground yesterday! nooo.)

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