Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I live in Halloween Town

a bulleted list of updates:
  • casey is officially a resident of chicago. we had a lovely day of catching up/hanging out yesterday, complete with lunch at labriola bakery, a walk through oak brook mall, a drive through the village of hinsdale, and some hanging at my house. so glad to have one of my besties close by!
  • my yia yia is coming in town this weekend. my cousin nicky is having a family get together at his place on friday. it'll be super chill - dan's pizza, beer, and cousins galore. can't wait. :)
  • my aunt went back to the hospital yesterday. she's out now but they're still running tests to see what's up.
  • i can't stop eating gummies, even though they make me feel sick. it's like i'm back in dallas, hanging out with sara. haha. oh! jill, that reminds me.. i found a place by my house that sells chocolate covered gummy bears. i see this turning into a serious problem.
  • i still have no idea what i'm going to wear for alyssa's out of town era birthday party. i have 80's stuff, but i kinda want to do something different.... i'm thinking maybe 70's.

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