Wednesday, September 16, 2009


hi boos!
i'm sorry i've been so mia the past couple of days. things have been crazy busy with work & all the house showings we've had this past week. ugh.
anyway, here's what's on my mind...

1. i went to an smu alumni event last night at the art institute of chicago downtown.
my friend alyssa & i went together (alyssa & i went to high school together, she transferred to smu soph year, we hung out at first but she was dating a guy at ut so she was in austin every weekend, we lost touch, didn't start hanging out again until i moved back to chicago) & we met jessica grose there. i also saw tri-delt jaclyn & "sloppy joe" there. we all enjoyed some complementary cocktails, did a little mingling, listened to some guy talk about the economic state of our country & how great smu business school is... hey yaaaa, meadows! all in all though, it was a good time! :) & slops didn't get too sloppy.

2. sorry for skipping music monday.
here's a great song to get you through the day.

3. did you follow fashion week?? images from various collections have been circulating around the internet like crazy. what were your faves?? i love me some erin wasson & charlotte ronson.

4. i want this dress.
{nasty gal}
& this bag from - what!? - forever 21.

5. work has been ridic.
but i will be getting a nice paycheck very soon & that makes me happyyyy.

6. it's def time for a haircut.


  1. Boo where did you find that, I don't see it on their website?