Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional (& wkend recap)

this is kinda long, but it's also hilarious.
true mama.
i had so much fun this weekend, even though i didn't go out that much.
i went over to taryn's house friday night. i was really good friends with taryn sophomore/junior year of high school, but we didn't really hang out senior year & i haven't talked to her since. but she's good friends with the boys i've been hanging out with so.... it was fun. ridiculous & fun. i got home at 5am saturday morning.
then saturday i went back over to taryn's for a pool party, which ended up being like 9 people total. but whatevs, we grilled out, went swimming, drank beer - what's not to like.
see facebook for proof that i have friends.
i was supposed to go downtown last night, but i bailed due to the fact that my body just wasn't having it after the 24 hrs prior.
i'm kinda regretting it though because i was going to meet up with erik... & now i guess i won't see him til next weekend. wah wah.
i still reallyyyyy miss my friends!
and i still really miss knox street. when are we having our reunionnnnn?
i'm still loving my new blog.
prob because i tend to prefer looking at pics than reading.
i got a couple new things at gap today.
namely the always skinny distressed jeans i've had my eye on for the past 2 months. & a purple zip up hoodie. i love them. :)

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