Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

omg. it's august.
someone help me - i can't take another chicago winter.
just over one month until the crew is back in watercolor for our 3rd annual reunion!!!!!
i came across this post while searching for watercolor photos. it made me sad.
because despite talking a big game, i have lost touch with some of the people i considered my best friends in the world this time last year. i still love you guys! like marce always says though, friendship is a 2-way street. i've definitely been trying to be a better friend... so CALL ME BACK.
a social liberal but fiscal conservative, i decided to take "the world's smallest political quiz" to find out where exactly i fall on the spectrum.
apparently i'm a centrist, bordering conservative.
i'm watching step up.
dahhh i love channing tatum. still.

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