Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beauty Review: False(ies) Promises

i'm a total fashion and beauty junkie.
if it's new, i want it. now.
i'm also a cheap ass.
i never used to be, but being poor to the point that living in a cardboard box on the street was a legitimate fear changed me.

so while i haven't kicked the urge to buy, i have reined myself in and learned to buy the cheapies when possible (and by "when possible" i mean "when no one can tell").
enter drugstore makeup.
my crack.
all i buy.

mascara is my weakness. i personally think that it is the most important makeup product made, so when i saw an ad for this "miracle product," i had to try it out.
it promised this.
it delivered..... not this.
not even a little bit of this. my lashes were clumpy and lacking volume. two very unsatisfied thumbs down.

all i have to say is, i'll be sticking with my covergirl lastblast.
which, by the way, i do love. it gives me lashes similar to those obtained by diorshow black out (my fave fave fave! if it weren't for the fact that this mascara irritates my eyes to the point of actual tears, i would continue spending the $24 per tube on diamond eye goo) - making lashblast the best budget mascara i've found to date.

long story short, i will not buy falsies again.

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