Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i love that chicago constantly has street art exhibits popping up around the city.
like this display that stopped me in my tracks while walking to watertower on friday.
i have a horrible track record when it comes to losing expensive things.
two weekends ago it was my gold aviator ray bans. this weekend it's the ankle strap on one of my shoes. THE ANKLE STRAP. how do you even lose the strap to a shoe!?
i'll tell you how. by 2am your feet hurt so badly that you decide you just can't take another second of wearing shoes. so you take them off and walk home through the sidewalks of chicago barefoot. the next morning you wake up disgusted by the blackness coating the bottom of your feet and mourning the loss of yet another pair of shoes and the hundreds of dollars you spent on them.
i remember a lot from friday night. i remember going to a rooftop pre-party with my friend jacqueline from work, taking a bus to duffy's, moving on to lasalle power co., running into a past coworker at social 25, meeting up with guy friends at bull & bear, being yelled at by a cabbie, having some random cute guy protect jacqueline and me from that angry cabbie, convincing said random to order (and help me devour) nachos from angelo's burritos, & walking home sans shoes.
i do not, however, remember eating a chocolate cake star. lets just hope that's because it was jacqueline that ate it, not me. i hope i hope i hope.
my mom started a blog for her interior design business, tiger lily collection.
love it! go, mom - you social media master! or at least you will be. :)

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