Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i did nothing today but watched movies & hung out with the fam.
it even included a pizza party. perfection!
i've loved all the family time i've gotten to enjoy this past week.
i really do have the best family. there's nothing like a family party at the 'mengos house!
but i'm ready to have my bedroom back.
since my yia yia's been in town these past 4 days, margs and i have been bunking up in her room. i really haven't minded because it's been so nice to have grandma around, but makes you appreciate the little luxuries.
i love, love, love my new baby cousin, rowan nicole.
seen in my previous post. she's the one in the tutu. only 3 weeks old! so precious!
margaux & i are watching carriers.
it's awesome so far. i hope the ending doesn't suck.
my life is a mess & a half.
i need to figure my shiz out. all of it.
i still don't have any nye plans.
better get on that....

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