Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Music Monday (Wednesday)

sorry i skipped out on music monday.
i was trying to get stuff done before my 3-close shift at uo, which ended at 1:20am monday night/tuesday morning. it was the longest day
& my best friend growing up is in town from san fran (allison), so we made some plans for a little butler middle school cool kids reunion yesterday which included me & allison plus 5 of our guy friends. mike, allison & i went to this christkindlmarket german fest downtown for some yummy food & beer before meeting everybody at this bar in the south loop called kroll's - casey, you should totally go here! it was basically a classy sports bar that played good music & had super comfy seating (the mat meets kona). approved.
anyway, that's my excuse. i've been busy.
so enough talkie... here's the song of the week:
bed rock

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