Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

remember these days? well i did this workout on saturday morning & am now in a great deal of pain.
i am literally having trouble walking, sitting, squatting. so embar.
my gym membership expired the other day.
i think i'll have to put the shopping on hold so that i can afford to renew it. i don't want to turn into a whale.
i didn't get out of urban until 12:15 am after my 4-close shift last night.
i was so annoyeddddd. but i fought the urge to bail on the blackout party, & when i showed up at 12:40am with jello shots, peeps were still raging. fun fun!
the gummy bears were a bad idea.
the ones i placed on top turned out fine, other than a freezing, rock-hard gummy. but the ones with the gummy in the bottom of the shot were sickness. imagine taking a jello shot & getting a surprise chunk of hardened gummy in your mouth. ew.
i really want to go ice skating downtown.
i really want to go ice skating with a boy so we can hold hands while we skate and then sip on hot coco together while we chat. it's so high school in the best way possible. :)

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