Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cosmetic Woes

you know those few "can't imagine life.. er, getting ready.. without you" beauty staples? i don't have very many of them, but there are two very special products that i can't imagine being without on my list:
neutrogena nighttime pore clarifying gel
this stuff is incredible! it keeps my face blemish-free without drying out my skin.
i almost never get zits & i like to think it's because of my dedication to this product. it could also be because i'm 24 years old, which is a little old for acne. either way though, i won't stop using this stuff until it's no longer available - which may be soon since the last time i bought it, i had to order from ebay.
perscriptives jet black eyeliner pencil
this is my all-time favorite eyeliner - the best i've ever used in my life. it glides on smoothly and stays put all day long - no rubbing off or smearing into the crease after hours of wear - yet the pencil is soft enough to make it perfect for smudging if your going for that smokey eye look.
so you can just imagine how upset i was to find out that perscriptives is closing up shop.
everywhere. and everywhere i go - nordstrom, lord & taylor, neimans, macy's, sephora - no longer carries perscriptives or is sold out of this particular pencil.
seriously, what did i do before this little gem?
answer: i looked like a $2 hooker with eyeliner smearing, getting into my contacts, and running down my face at the slightest gust of wind. it was a complete mess.
wish me luck on my hunt for a worthy replacement.
:( :( :(

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