Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

the shower turned out absolutely perfect!
despite the fact that our cookies were slightly less perfect looking than in our tester batch (i blame the fact that we didn't make 2 half batches of the recipe like last time), they did turn out both adorable & delicious. the alice in wonderland themed decorations - homemade oversized confetti, pink & green water vases, flower arrangements wrapped in polka dot paper, tea pots -were oh-so-precious too. i wish i took pics. i'll steal some from karen & post them later so you can get the full effect. :)
but here's a little glimpse at how the cookies turned out! pre-packaging.
i'm working at urban wednesday from 2-8pm, friday from 6am-2pm, & saturday from 12-8pm. & i'm on call tomorrow.
it only took day 1 to learn that retail + heels (even if they are your "comfiest pair") do not go well together. it's strictly flats from now on.
i think my mom & i are going to check out the diamond exhibit at the field museum on tuesday.
thanks, casey! ;)
i'm so sleepy i can't even function right now.
i was up until almost 2am last night, packaging the cookies, tying ribbons, & getting everything ready for the shower today - which i woke up for at 8:00. 6 hours of sleep just isn't enough.
nighty night!

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