Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

i'm totally bummed that i missed smu homecoming this weekend.
i'm pretty sure it was the smartest thing to do though, considering that none of my out-of-towner besties were going to be around for it either.
this is the kind of thing i see in my dreams.
i've been having some serious rollercoaster weekends lately.
last night started out so fun. jon & jt picked me up & we went downtown to alan's trump tower apartment for a beer tasting party - everyone brought something different, alan & his gf made a ton of food for the "beer pairing," i saw childhood friends i haven't hung out with in years, everyone was having a blast.
then we left & went to kingston mines. despite the fact that we had to pay a $15 cover - shit's weak! - it was pretty fun. but it started getting a little awk when a bunch of other peeps showed up (friends of friends & what not). so we left & took a 3295728075 minute cab ride to a korean karaoke place in lincoln park where, after a hilarious start, things got even weirder, people started dropping like flies & peacing out without saying anything, people were getting it on in the bathroom? ...let's just leave it at that. anyway, i got all of like 3 hours of sleep last night so i've been feeling prettyyyy miz today. & i'm sure next weekend will be just as wild.
speaking of next weekend, i'm psyched for james to visit!
holler baller.
i forced myself to do a mini bootcamp style workout the other day. & i took this totally sweet photo.
i went on a major music downloading binge yesterday.
looooooooves it.
i really need to figure out my life.
namely, my career path, my boy sitch (or lack there of. tears.), and my financial everything.

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