Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rambles (Updates)...

hello hello hello!
i've got some updates for you all.
1. new moon was phenom.
i mean, it wasn't like oscar worthy or anything, but considering that the 2nd book was my least favorite in the series & in comparison to how terrible the 1st twilight movie was, i was very impressed. the special effects, the acting (ahem, kristen steward), and how closely the movie followed the book were all drastically better. it got me really excited for the 3rd.. i loved it so much i would (will probably) go see it again. :)
2. i went out downtown last night & finally met casey's law school friends.
we did dinner at this "family style" italian restaurant & then went to social 25. the bar itself was just decent, but there was a cover band called the naked karate girls playing & they were so fun!
they kinda reminded me of the spazmatics but they were creepy, not dorky. & they covered rap songs and made them more rock instead of 80's songs.
3. the baby shower is tomorrow.
i've spent far too many hours making homemade cookie dough & frosting, piping, flooding, & decorating. & i have to get up at 8am tomorrow morning, which explains why i'm most likely not going out or doing anything tonight.
4. i want to go to mexico!!!!!
i hope all the deets somehow all come together to make our reunion trip a reality.

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