Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

my cousin lisa & i had a practice baking party today.
we're helping host a baby shower for my cousin & his wife next sunday. lisa & i picked "alice in wonderland" as the theme so we were put in charge of decorations & gift bags. it's looking adorableeee so far.
anyway, inspired by this, we decided to bake homemade cookies (with homemade icing! the piping & flooding was a first for me) to go in the goodie bags. we tried out this delicious, slightly lemony recipe. and followed these directions for the the icing, but used this egg white recipe because i mean who really has meringue powder laying around? the real ones will be decorated with pink icing & will say "eat me" "take one" & "try me" on them, just like in the movie. don't they just look delish? mmmm cookie monster....
i saw the prisoner for the first time tonight.
i'm hooked! i love me a good mystery/suspense show.
i blame yesterday's (...and today's) fat day on friday night's multiple bottles of wine at dinner + table and massive bottle of grey goose at manor + the fact that i even made it to underground & the hangge uppe (enough said) resulting in 3.5 hrs of sleep.
just can't bounce back like i used to.
it was great seeing james & christie this weekend.
sorry we couldn't hang yesterday.
casey! we need to make plans.
jill, whitney, marciny & katie! we desperately need to catch up.
margaux's yelling at me, trying to get me to go downstairs with her to get cheese.
i'm still so tired from this weekend that i can't even think.
...more later...

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