Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blackout Wednesday...

it was a wild one.
i worked at urban from 2-8 today which meant that i had to wake up early to both get a little work out in & hit the grosh for some thanksgiving dessert ingredients so that i could make 5 layer bars before work as planned. well well welllllll. silly me & my sill plans. of course things did not turn out the way i had expected.
i accidentally used evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk... idiot... so my 5 layer bars did not set. but even if the graham cracker crust had not turned out soggy & disgusting, i still don't think i would have liked them. the butterscotch chips were overwhelming & it was way too heavy on the coconut for me - & i didn't even use the suggested amount.
so long story short, i had to hit the kitch & have a baking party for one when i got home from work at 8:30. i decided to go with pumpkin spice cookies. mm mm mmm.

pumpkin spice cookies

my feet are about to snap off of my legs despite the fact that i'm currently laying in my bed (which has never felt more comfortable). how on earth am i going to make it from 6am-2pm on black friday!? heaven help me...

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