Thursday, June 17, 2010


by now everyone is aware of the super awesome - and awesomely wallet-friendly - wedges cynthia vincent designed for target a while back. of course they sold out immediately, making them a total score for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a pair. i was not a part of that elite crowd, which is rather unfortunate because there have been at least a handful of times when i thought about how perfect my outfit would be if only i had those freaking shoes.
so of course i bookmarked the page immediately upon seeing these steve madden wedges.
sizes are very limited which means they have probably been out for a while, so i'm thinking i'll have to do some serious research and quick purchasing - stat. and at almost the same price point as the target lovelies, i'm guessing they won't be around for much longer.
cute cute cuteness.
i just can't get enough of summer fashion!

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  1. CHLOE I WANT THESE! But they're gone. Sad face.