Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

i chopped like 4+ inches off my hair this weekend.
as of yesterday, i had no regrets. but alas, that "oh shit" feeling set in this morning & has lasted all day. ugh, change.
i'm getting a facial tomorrow.
can't waitttttt. this is more beautifying within a few days time than i've given myself in about a year. unfortunately, this also means that i will look like a polka-dotted wildebeest on wednesday. the price we pay...
today was insane.
so busy. & the rest of this week won't be any better. god bless overtime!
counting down the days until liz gets home!!!!
oh, she's just been in peru. no bigs.
don' :(
i'm a horrible sister.
little petri dish turned 20 on saturday. not that he reads my blog anyway.
but just in case: i love you, brudder!

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