Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

today i wore my hair up.
& not just in a haphazard (read meticulously crafted) low-ish ponytail. up as in bangs out of my face, whispies flowing in the breeze, whipped into a messy bun "up."
okay so it took 10 minutes to make it cute enough for me to leave the house and face coworkers, but cut me a little slack - pr girls are tough critics. & i seriously have this really weird thing about wearing my hair in a "normal" ponytail. they're just not flattering.
but today i did it & i actually looked cute (this is not me being conceited or anything. this is based on having received "your hair looks cute like that!" complements) - and more importantly, i felt cute. i like to think this means i'm getting more confident with age.
speaking of, i'm old as shit.
i went out drinking friday evening (evening! not even night!) and got plenty of sleep, yet i've felt nauseous every day since. what gives?
i got super burnt at the pool yesterday.
& being the first time i've gotten any color this summer, i honestly couldn't be more excited about it. that is, until i got many a double-take today, along with a fair share of "oh noooooo, chloeeeeeee" comments. tanning fail.
that's all i've got.

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