Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i haven't gotten any better at keeping in touch with friends, despite my "resolution" to do so.
i think i've actually gotten worse. :/
that being said, i really miss you guys!
& i can't can't can't wait for watercolor 3.0. lets please finalize plans immediately so i can buy my ticket before i think too much about how poor i am.
i feel like i've gained 438967 pounds in the past year.
i tried on a dress that fit perfectly last summer. it was..... snug. kanye's workout plan started today & will continue until i get skinny again.
taryn, jt, mike & i bought season passes to 6 flags in the fall (they were like $10 more than a normal ticket).
i hope the weather cooperates so we can enjoy "bring a friend for free" day on tuesday. :) :) :)

happy father's day!
i hope you got the chance to call/hug/hang out with your wonderful dad today.

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