Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trick or Treat?

you may think it's a little strange that i've been thinking about halloween costumes for the past month, but if you know me, you know i love nothing more than to dress up. so lay off.
i've narrowed it down, but i need your help deciding!

option 1:
i don't get too many opportunities to sport a leotard & bleach blonde hair (wig, obvs).
my costume will also include: some sort of ridiculously huge bow or geometrically retarded object on my shoulder region, large shades, high heels, leather, & a spray tan. oh & absolutely no pants.

option 2:
i thought about being rachel last year, but decided on blair waldorf instead because the thought of wearing layers of clothing + a fur coat in dallas in october was unbearable. it was like 85 degrees, no exaggeration. but october in chicago is perfect fur weather!! i just have to make sure not to wear it out to a bar or something. i would DIE if someone (me) spilled a drink on a real fur coat. or worse yet, if someone threw paint on me!?!? i mean, it happened to samantha in s&tc.

survey says?


  1. Nothing will ever beat our Blair and Serens stumes! But I vote for Gags, you could totally pull that off!

  2. Gaga would be a great costume but Rachel may be easier to deal with, weather wise.