Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dear Texas,

i miss you!!
it's texas/ou weekend
& i soooo wish i was in dallas right now.
i laugh just thinking about last year. jill, sara, and i met up with all the rowdies at jbobs' apartment to watch the game. jbobs invented the nastiest cocktail ever made & named it a "summer breeze." we drank way too many of them, jill tried to heat up some food, that didn't work out so we went to chuy's - the best texmex in the world. we proceeded to almost get kicked out because jbobs shouted the f word infront of a table with children, sara and i were putting chips in the light fixtures, and jill was harassing smooth velvs.
all around, one of the best weekends of last year.

lets also take note of the difference in weather in dallas vs. chicago.
last year i wore a long strapless cotton dress & sandals.
this year i look more like this:
not really, but it is cold here.
i took this pic the other day... check them leaves!

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