Saturday, October 3, 2009


1. i'm watching the sex & the city movie right now.
god i love it. can't wait for the 2nd.

2. i also watched dazed & confused today.
another great one.

3. as of this morning, i hadn't seen erik in going on three weekends. and low & behold, guess who texted me this evening to see what i was doing? for reals.
i was just starting to think that i was kinda over it, but it's not like i have anything better going on, so i think i'm going to make some plans to go downtown next weekend with friends so we can meet up.

4. here's a pic of my green nails from this week.
i didn't post it before because i was planning on taking a better one. but f it, i don't really care. so here you goooooo.
you may also note that i am wearing one of my new h&m items.. :)
i do promise to post pics of everything soon.
it's just a pretty standard grey wool sweater but it has the most faboosh silver sequined shoulders. i'm in love. just can't wait for it to get a little colder out so i can wear it without breaking out in the sweats.
oh, & do you like the lips?? it's nars red lizard lipstick - the same one i thought about buying during my pre-watercolor trip to sephora with whitney 5 months ago. i finally caved and bought it a couple weeks ago, along with the green nail polish.

5. i was super psyched about eating dad's yummy chili tomorrow during the bears game. then i found out that he decided he's going to make beef stroganoff instead. gag. margaux & i will likely be taking a trip to mai thai for the best pad thai ever made instead. mmmmm.

6. i feel horrible that i forgot to do a special birthday post (it was yesterday) for my bestie, marciny!
holy whiteness.
yay 24, my dear! i love you & miss you tonsies.

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