Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Night Confessional

sometimes i feel like blogging is taking over my life.
what with work, everyday life, 500 million posts on google reader, & my blog to tend to each day, i've turned into a stressed mess. i won't pull a miley, but i may have to go into hiding for a few days. so don't hate if i'm quiet this week.
i want to walk on piano stairs!

i think this urban jewelry idea is brilliant!
found at cruziiie's blog. see more awesome images of liesbeth brussche's work here.
i'm sick. & it's my fault.
well i blame chicago weather, but my inability to not scream while riding roller coasters at 6 flags didn't help. & i guess i should've worn gloves & a hat. icicle.
week two of "color of the week" & i'm already slacking.
wah wah. my nails look sick.

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