Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why Not?

someone I know once said
(actually it was her fb status. welcome to the 21st century),
"it's better to wake up in the morning and say
i wish i hadn't done that than i wish i had."

this quote is nothing new - i've heard variations of it a million times - but it stuck with me for some reason and got me thinking. one of the things i'd like to change about myself is the fact that, while i consider myself pretty adventurous and "up for anything," i don't take many risks. not when it comes to my personal life. i hate that.
my self-diagnosis: i have perfect child syndrome.

don't get me wrong; i'm no angel. but i've never really disappointed my parents. compared to my younger brothers, i'm a gem. i pretty much save my mother's sanity and ensure her that her parenting skills must be decent.
(note: i'm not saying anything about my mom & dad's parenting skills. they are excellent parents, always have been, and i love them very much.)
but anyway, i think that's the deal.
what am i so worried about though?
who am i scared of disappointing?
i'm 24. this is my one and only life. i better get to living it.

who cares if i fail? i have some pretty great people in my life who i'm sure can do the job of picking me up when i fall.

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