Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Debbie Downer

i'm sick.
and it's the worst kind of sick - an annoying cold where i can't swallow, my ears and throat hurt, and i have a fever. who knows how long this will last!?
i'm locking myself up in my apartment for the next two days because i'm determined to be better by my birthday dinner on friday (the 13th. spooky.) and the st. patrick's day parade + shenans on saturday.

on a happy note, i'm meeting zazzle and sara for lunch at mico today.
my fave!
i'll also finally be returning laurel's tacky christmas sweater that she may or may not have let me borrow in december. i'm awful.

also completely unrelated, miss marciny sent me a text last night:
"you'll never believe who's cell number i got a hold of today.... hint: i die."
ummmmm, excuse me!?

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