Thursday, March 26, 2009


tat, tat, tat it up
am i the only one who thinks tattoos can be super cool & way glamourous?
i could never do that to my body, but maybe something little?
i would die for a wrist tat. a la giselle.
she (he?), on the other hand, is the poster child for why not to get a tattoo. fail.
what do you think??
should i do it? or will i forever be seen as a marked woman?

you're probably sick of hearing about it, but it's seriously the best workout i've ever gotten.
i'm hoping i look something like this by our watercolor vacay.
p.s. my knees are bruised from all those freaking push ups (yes, i had to do them the woosie way) in last nights work out.

gucci + rihanna =

can't wait for dinzies with jill & the hayes ladies tonight!
and i can't can't wait for samantha who? to return!


  1. Um, I can't lift my arms from all those push-ups yesterday! And doing them at 6am when the ground was still super wet = falling contstantly, no bueno. Yes, I skipped this morning, oops! Are you up for tomorrow morning?!

  2. i skipped this morning too! totally in for tomorrow... depending on how tonight goes. :)