Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby I'm A Star

i got to play model/film subject for a day!
yvette's professor is the only one who will see it, but still. how fun!

i talked to my mom this morning & it sounds like margaux will be flying down to dallas for a few days this week! it's her spring break and since my family has nothing planned, little margs will be my houseguest - probably from monday to thursday.
i'm excited for your arrival, little sista!
any ideas on what we should do for 4 days?

.yay for friday.
all i really want to be doing is shopping thanks to websites like this & these fun finds:
i'm 100% obsessed with that necklace.

have a lovely weekend
yay for the lake tomorrow
&  yay for having 2 blog followers. HAHA.

happy birthday, elizabeth!

click on the title of this entry for a little surprise. hehe.

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