Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Night Confessional

i'm in the middle of an 11 day cleanse (currently on day 8) and it's actually not bad... well, 65% of the time.
for the majority of the time, you can eat normal (healthy) food - you just have to substitute one to two meals a day with this organic, gluten free protein shake drink. the other 35% of the time is spend on the hardcore back-to-back cleanse days. i have to drink this cleanse powder/water mixture 4 times a day and am only allowed to eat celery and an organic apple. eek. i already did part 1 of the foodless cleanse.. tomorrow and tuesday are the last time i'll have to do it. thank god for that.
i finallyyyy finished love the one you're with.
i really need to make more time for reading. now moving on to chelsea handler's are you there vodka? it's me, chelsea. next in the queue: persuasion by jane austin.
i was super sick this weekend and literally did not go out once.
took of work friday, stayed in the burbs and hung with my seester friday night, was a lazy bum saturday, went back to the burbs today with lisa and her family for some bears vs. packers (ehh) and greek food. one one hand, i kind of feel like i wasted my weekend, not having gone out or really done anything at all. on the other hand, i feel a million times healthier than i did on friday. and i'm not allowed to drink on this cleanse anyway. :)
can't wait for denner at el jardin this week!!
miss my betches.
backtracking to chelsea - did you know they're turning her book into a tv show??
i'll watch it.

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