Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

i'm signing up to run the hot chocolate 15k in november.
i've never ran anything over a 5k so i'm kind of scared! but excited because i've been wanting to run a race for a while. lisa's going to help train me. woop!
lisa and i had our fams over for labor day today.
thinking our brothers were going to come, we make a million pounds of chicken tacos in the slow cooker. dad also made chili and tamales. so it sounds like we will be eating leftovers for weeks.
went to church for the first time yesterday in like 4 months.
sorry, god. :(
i have two birthday parties to attend next weekend.
i'll be going to bed at 7pm next sunday.
sadly, that's basicallyyyyy all i have to report on this little recap.
i'll try to make my life a little more interesting for next week.

happy music monday
who gon stop me

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  1. I heard that race is awesome. I was thinking of doing it in DC.