Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Night Confessional

oh just another amazing weekend to add to the books.
danced the night away at merkle's for taryn's "not" boyfriend's show friday night. :)
one of lisa's besties, kristen, had her bday party last night and we did it up big.
dinner at agami, limo, bottle service at crescendo. ashley had a dance off with a stripper... i mean dancer. and then we spent $45 at mcdonalds. normal.
then today lisa and i went to my parent's place (that's so weird to say) to see my new baby cousin!
alyvia reagen. what a muffin!!
oh and i can't leave rowan out. i'm seriously obsessed with my family.
i got an iphone 4 yesterday!
it shouldn't be that big a deal.. i already owned an iphone so it's not like a huge difference... but it is. addicted to technology. nerdddd.
lise and i also bought a tv this weekend!
finally. and now i'm extremely poor.
this is my last week of bootycamp.
so happy about this... and yet the thought of running around in a bikini at the beach is still pretty terrifying. it's almost that time!
i'm trying to coordinate another lake geneva trip for this summer.
shitshow. i mean... best time ever.
i'm ready for another yacht party. "ken's a fag."
i'm also trying (unsuccessfully) to convince my friends to visit me in chicago.
that would be directed at all of my dallas lovuhs. i promise summer in chicago is the bestbestbest!

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