Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Night Confessional

omg had the best weekend ever. again.

hung out with my fam in the burbs.
sushi and chilling. i like, i like.

it was chicago's big st. patrick's day celebration and it was wildddddd. lisa and i had her bro and his friends over for brunch in the morning, pre-bar hopping.
we made an egg casserole (can't recommend that recipe enough! make it.), bagels, muffins, bloody mary's and mimosas. then we hit some bars with kristen and the guys - mahoney's and callahan's. i met a super hot guy. nothing happened with that. some girl tried to steal my jacket at the one bar (i'm not even kidding). i found it after searching for 20 min. thought about punching her in the face but just ripped my coat off her chair and left instead. then we went over to jay and aaron's where a bunch of my friends were hanging and playing drinking games. fun fun fun. went to bed at 3am - repeat of last year much?
missed you taryn! and liz! and natalie (dude, just move back).

my cousin nicky's bday is today (happy birthday!) so lise and i went to his house in lisle with the rest of our families and spent the day hanging with baby row. after going to church this morning.
we finally tried out holy name cathedral - omg gorgeous! i might love it as much as i loved highland park methodist... and that's a lot.
i'll post pics this to better recap as soon as nicky puts them up on fb.
of course i didn't take any photos of my own. why do i own a camera?

bootcamp again tomorrow. ahhhhh it's hard!
but needed. i'm both excited and dreading it. lets get skenny.


  1. I was in CHicago for St. Patty's day! We went to bars in Wrigley though. It was crazy!

  2. so fun!!! i'm sure wrigley was even more wild haha. i was in lincoln park area. this is only my second year celebrating st. patrick's weekend in chicago even though i'm from here... i'm convinced that no other city could do it better :)

  3. I missed you on St P's! I was in a depressive state. Also - how how how do people keep stealing your stuff at bars? At least you're getting them back. MISS YOU.