Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i love my new purchases!
i feel like it's been forrrrrrevvvverrrrr since i updated the ol' wardrobe, so i am not at all remorseful to have indulged in a little shopping spree this afternoon.
how cute is this stuff!?
all of the clothes are from... guess where.... forever 21!
& the cross-body bag is nine west - found at dsw for $20. seriously!
i spent just over $100 total.
this photo perfectly depicts my ideal life.
young, beautiful, and carefree forever. and living in california.
speaking of california, margaux is currently in santa monica with her friend sienna.
they're staying here & i basically could not be more jealous. gorgeous!
i recently got a new "freebie" from work.
it's a banana republic ring! natalie, i thought about giving it to you after our convo, haha.
you may remember the watch and necklace from past tweets.
mmmmm, i love my job.
our realtors came to take pics of our house the other day.
they turned out so pretty!
if anyone's in the market....... take good care of her. :(

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  1. Gimme dat ring Chloe! Jk jk. So glad you're enjoying the job (and the perks) :).