Friday, July 23, 2010

P!nk's Words of Wisdom

i was watching some repeat oprah episode tonight with alecia moore, better known as pink, as the guest.
they were talking about her famous grammy (emmy?) performance with the cirque de soleil bidness & her new(est) album, funhouse. they then moved on to discuss her year-long breakup from her husband. i didn't realize that one of my favorite pink songs, "i don't believe you," is what brought them back together. i love that!

oprah then asked what she learned from that time apart.
pink said that she used to think that she was perfect & in their time apart, she learned to recognize her weaknesses & work on herself. her dad always told her...
"think of 20 things you want in a partner. now make sure you have all of those."
i thought that was so intriguing.

what's on your list??
it got me thinking. here's mine:
sexually attractive (good looking, zexy body)
i mean, come on. it's important.
interested in music & travel
confident & assertive
independent & self-sufficient
humble & level-headed
has manners, values, faith, & a good family
wants to get married & have a family (in the future, not right now!)

short of being manly, i hope i possess most of these qualities. it is a bit of a wake up call though. i can't set my expectations so high for someone else when i have so many things i'd like to improve about myself.
so until i reach my personal level of perfection, it's time to open my mind a little further. and get to the gym.


  1. I love that idea!!! I love when "elders" (her dad, my grandfather) give really easily-digestable relationship advice. Grampy said "you both give 50% in a relationship, but you have to give 100% of your 50% 100% of the time". I think your list is lovely, and probably instead of "manly" you want like, "traditionally gender-specific", so for you it would be you being very feminine. I think your list is great, and I really love Pink!

  2. haha! traditionally gender-specific. i love it.
    and i love your grandpa's pearl of wisdom too. :) such a sucker for quotes and good advice.