Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Club for One

i've been on a reading kick over the past couple of months thanks to my commute to and from work each day.
i'm sure you know how much i love music, but despite the almost 3000 songs harbored in my itunes, i need something more engaging to pass the hours - so i joined the oak brook public library at the beginning of this summer to keep myself from going stir-crazy on the train. & what a gem it has been.

i love reading, but a commitment-phobe through and through, i have trouble sticking with a book til the end unless (a) it's really good or (b) i'm on a reading schedule.
but a schedule i certainly have - i've totally gotten used to my morning/evening reads. i haven't had a book with me for almost two weeks & i'm going nuts, so i stopped into the lib today.

so far this summer, i've read:

next up:

by the way, if you aren't already subscribed to goodreads, i highly recommend you jump on that! i downloaded the iphone app & it has been the absolute best way to search for and/or discover new books. i currently have 30 something on my que.
check it, nerds. & love it.

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