Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i met up with taryn, jt, steve, etc. at north avenue beach today.
it was 90+ degrees out & about 100 times more crowded than this picture (or the one below, for that matter).
this was, of course, after brunch with yvette and her boo.
hey-o! ;) so great to see you vetter!
& sadly, despite the fact that taryn & i laid out for about 2 hrs (everyone else bailed because they had been there for a few hours already - including taryn), i look pretty much exactly the same as when i left this morning.
wah wahhhhh tanning fail.
margaux & i went to tcby tonight.
it was delicious. now i feel sick. this has to stop immediately.
i need to go to bed. exhaust.
bloody mary's & hours of sunshine will do that to you.
nighty night!

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