Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i've fallen a little behind on my blogging & updates due to the new job & my general slacker-ness. here's a snapshot into my life over these past couple of weeks.
i am socially unstable.
due to my recent undertaking of non-ideal working hours (i.e. hostessing from 4:30-11pm every friday & saturday night -- only saturdays as of this past weekend, thank god), i have literally not gone out more than like 3 times in the past month & a half? this coming from the girl that went out with friends upwards of 4 times a week when i first moved back to chicago.
i think this will change along with the weather.... hopefully i can find a happy medium.
today was a day of exploration.
it started with my attempt at an updo this morning.
i've never done one before. it turned out pretty cool!
after our mother's day lunch at volare, margaux & i decided on a whim that we wanted to make friendship bracelets. so 3rd grade. love! so we took a trip to michael's & came home with a $3.99 variety pack of thread. this was the result.
friendship bracelets & a photo shoot, obvs.
if we're true friends, you may have already seen my facebook status. but i miss austin & river floating enough to mention it twice.
& possibly more than i miss austin itself, i miss road tripping there! with friends, of course.
czech stop . insane heat . floating the river . rope swings . beer . best friends . mexican food . 6th street . 4th street . free jello shots . dance parties at gay bars . dance parties in living rooms . swimsuits & sunglasses . pita pit (bahahaha) . good times

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