Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bad Blogger

i'm sorry i've been away.
i just haven't had the time or energy to blog lately.
life if crazy - but good. here are the highlights:
i'm still loving edelman. i'm always super busy - "no time for facebooking" busy. but i love being back on a set schedule. it's great.
i am now only working at volare on saturday nights (as opposed to working friday and saturday nights), which is a nice break to my anti-social streak. but it also means that i have one day a week "off", which is... not ideal. i'm always so tiredddddd blah.
i went on a date the other night with a boy who looks like patrick dempsey in can't buy me love. but cuter.
i'm currently reading emily giffin's "love the one you're with." i'm hoping this book teaches me something about the value of just making a decision & sticking with it.
yvette's in town! unfortunately we didn't get to meet up last night due to libations beginning to flow at 5:45 pm and not stopping until 11:30 pm - at which point i had to book it to union station to catch the last train home. but i think we're going to brunch tomorrow! followed by some beach action. cheeeaaahhhh, 87 degrees!
my cousin lisa & i might be getting an apt together in july! i'll keep you postie on that one.
i'm currently flipping back & forth between my girl & sister act.
here's a video of jt & kenny jamming out to miley cyrus last saturday morning.

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