Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

this woman can read my mind.
"all I really want right now is a good book (or a plethora of magazines), a warm tropical beach and ‘the boy’, with not a care in the world. I often daydream of Australia, the Seychelle Islands, or even the California Coast. Nothing to wear but bathing suits and dresses, flip flops and sunglasses. No makeup, just freckles. Cat naps in the sun and salty breeze, vodka sodas with lots of lemon, and long dreamy dinners... don’t we all just need a little mental break every now and then?"
it was wonderful spending this afternoon with the fam in honor of baby rowan getting baptized.
i'm exhausted.
i can't wait to get a "real" job so that i can stop working like a crazy person & having minor to major panic attacks on an almost daily basis.
katie & whit! thanks for the phone calls today. i'm so sad to have missed them! loved the vm's & i promise to return asap. xo!
you too, sara! i haven't forgotten & i fully intend to call you back, despite your name calling. ;)

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