Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear friends all over the world,

i'm awful.
i'm sorry.
let me explain.
i'm currently.. sort of.. working 4 jobs.
my schedule is unpredictable. i make nothing. my main form of payment is in the form of a 40% off discount, which i'm unable to take advantage of because i am too poor. ironic.
2. rebuilding a website for c&r carpentry.
my cousin works for this company. they don't like their current website. they saw the one i made for my mom. they asked that i design one for them. it's a learning process.
3. marketing & social media for my cousin jimmy's soon-to-be-dropped album.
he's a musician. he's great. he knows nothing about how to market himself. he's working with a boutique ad agency in downtown chicago called mauge. he asked that i be involved in the entire process & give my input as much as possible. it's awesome. it also takes up most of my non-working time.
4. volare.
as if i had any extra time on my hands, i decided to take a hostess job at volare, an upscale italian restaurant in oak brook. why? it pays better than urban outfitters, plus those "high rollers" tend to dish out tips for priority seating. i'll be working every thursday, friday, & saturday night from 5pm-10/11pm. ta ta, social life.
oh, did i mention that i'm also still hunting for a full-time, great paying pr/marketing job in the chicagoland area? well yes, i am.
p.s. natalie, i have an interview at edelman on monday! woop woop, thanks lover. :)
the good news: because of my newly reformed, slightly more structured schedule, i'm now free to do whatever i please during the daytime hours on thursdays, fridays, & saturdays. that includes hanging out with/chatting with all of you!
lets schedule some phone dates!
miss you all dearly.

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