Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

i want to buy this book.
& on the subjects of books, i want to read more. any good recommendations? although it'll have to wait, the book i'm currently working on is a thick one....
i've been reading the bible (almost) every night for the past 40+ days. i'm gonna try to stick with it even though lent is over.
thread social, whyyyyy are you not more affordable? i love you.
found at coco + kelley.
oh & can someone puhlease tell me who makes those shoes? i need themmm!
i think it's working.
i love my family so much!
my cousins dawny, jordan, & timmy came to church with mom & me this morning. we all went out for brunch at emmy's afterward & have been hanging at my house since. dad made chicken & dumplings for dinner, i had a meeting with the owner of volare (i now have a 2nd job, which pays more than my urban pennies), & the weather is beautiful.
all in all, a pretty wonderful day!

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