Thursday, October 28, 2010


you may remember me talking about how i want to get a tatoo - the outline of an elephant about the size of a dime on my left wrist - but i'm too much of a baby (and a planner) to go through with it.
well. i'm going to do it.

why an elephant?
1. an elephant with its trunk up is good luck.
2. my nana was the one who told me that little nugget when i was little. she loved elephants.
3. it'll be small enough to cover up with a watch/bracelets.

obviously this is a big commitment so i have to make sure it's perfect perfect perfect.
but i really think i've found the design i want. it's this guy (minus the words, of course). i love him.

i want to do it. i should just do it. who cares about the "what if you don't want it when you're 40" question? it'll be a memory. a mark of fun times of my youth. and a constant reminder of how close i was with my grandma.

soooo? what do you think? do you love him!?

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