Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

this weekend was wild. suburbs style!
i was puppysitting for my cousin this weekend while he and his fam were in st. louis for a wedding. so i dragged taryn and ej out to lisle with me to enjoy a night of raging in naperville. steve met up with us - which ended up being quite the lifesaver. all in all, it was sloppy... i mean... amazing.
i went to chicago harvest tonight with my mom.
after a night of partying, i really didn't want to go. but i didn't want for my mom to go by herself either so i agreed to take the trip and hear this "amazing message" speaker greg laurie had in store for us. it was actually really inspiring and i'm so glad i went! it's important to remind yourself of what's important every once in a while. with the ridiculousness that is my life, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to remind god that i'm still around. and still in serious need of his help. it was good stuff. oh, ps - it was PACKED! this is literally a pic taken from the rosemont theatre.
i'm poor again.
i seriously broke the bank on saturday.
too. many. purchases.
i'll be bringing my lunch to work for the next month.


  1. My entire life hurt all day Sunday. I can't believe you managed to go out and do something! I was in bed all day!!

  2. haha i can't believe it either! i slept until 2pm and couldn't eat anything until 4. breathing hurt.