Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

i'm back from watercolor and i miss my friends already!!
it got weird.
sadly, i forgot my camera so i have very little to show for it.
it may or may not have something to do with the fact that i missed my flight thinking it was 2+ hours later than it actually was. when i got a call from casey at 11:05 am asking if i had boarded my 11:25 flight, i was still in my towel, makeup-less with wet hair.
apparently i don't know how to put on spray sunscreen.
i was referred to as "sunburns" or "cat in the hat" all weekend.
this beast was in the middle seat next to me on the plane ride home from dallas to chicago.
after traveling all day, it was pretty awesome to see that the row in front of us comprised of two skinny girls with no one seated between them. of course.
then i was presented with this visual snack while waiting for my bag in the airport.
gorge!! and to continue the theme of the weekend, my bag was lost in dallas. so after waiting for everyone to clear out i headed over by the baggage peeps and arranged for them to deliver it this morning.
but despite all the bad luck (read: i'm retarded), i had the best time!
i'll upload some pics stolen from katie or whitney to prove it soon. :)
and my sunburn is now more of a glowing tan.
sweet kitty. my wittle baby thinks she's human.
sorry i forgot to post music monday today.
so exhaust. i need another vacation.

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