Friday, February 5, 2010

"You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar..."

my nana always said that.
and it's true.
even when you're angry, hurt, upset, or just in a bad mood, you are far more likely to get your way by being kind.
but that being said, i've been in a terrible, depressing, utterly miserable mood lately. nothing in my life seems to be going right - not the least of which is my "romantic life," if i can even refer to it as that. the guy i was talking to/hanging out with/who knows clearly doesn't want a relationship - now or quite possibly ever - and it's just a little bit of a sucker punch. don't say one thing to me & then do another.
last week when sara & cindy were in town, we went to tracy's to meet up with a bunch of my friends. granted it was 70 decibels past bearable, i had friends in town, he had just come from a wake, excuses excuses excuses, but he didn't even talk to me. he didn't come over and sit by me once that night. not cute & flirty. not friendly & fun. what happened?
i've been thinking about what to say when i see him at taryn/jt/aaron's apt party downtown tomorrow (which i might not even get to until almost midnight because of f'ing work & unreliable people... ughhhhh, whole nother story). part of me wants to bitch him out, cry, sulk, but that is not attractive & i absolutely won't let myself sink to that level.
so help a sista out!
do i...
a) act friendly & nonchalant but jokingly say something like "well i'm glad to see you're talking to me tonight." *bitchy/flirty smile* ??
b) act friendly & as non-psycho as possible but eventually ask him what the deal is?
a scarier, more direct approach.
c) be super flirty with the other boys & not give him the time of day?
unfortunately, i know myself well enough to know that until i get answers or some kind of closure, this whole situation will be on my mind.
wahhhhh, why can't i just forget it & move on?
i know i said the hair question was important (i'm still waiting for answers, by the way.....), but this one is really important.
i need advice & lots of it.
so please advise,
because i am clearly no love expert.

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  1. lovey! this makes me sad :( we're just at a time in our lives that's the weird in between stage it seems like (it lasts awhile unfortch), but keep praying about it and God will lead you to exactly where you need to be.

    For the boy, I say a combo of a flirty "well now you're talking to me" thing with a little attention, then move on to all the other boys so he's gets jel.

    Love, Negative Nancy