Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mah Weave

i don't have a weave.
but i do have a very important question for you.
over the past week, i've been itching to get a haircut. i almost just walked into the salon without an appt twice this week. the thought of getting an impulse cut & then regretting it for weeks kept me from going through with it, but i think it is time for a cut - now i just have to decide what to do.
since all (or at least most?) of you little readers have known me for a long time, you know the various looks i've donned. lets take a trip down memory lane...
so what should i do??
leave it really long but trim the layers to healthify it?
chop it shorter & lose the california wave look that i've been loving so much over the past 6 months?
go more jennifer aniston-esque?
back to the bangs??
long ones! not making that mistake again... woof.
help please!

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