Wednesday, January 13, 2010

XSport Fitness

guess what i did yesterday.....
crossed one of my many new years resolutions off the list
& joined xsport fitness!!
this summer i did the free 7 day trial with my cousin lisa.
i liked it - the gym was huge, they offer like 30 classes a week, there's a rock climbing wall, a tanning salon, an aquatic center, and hundreds of machines - but i already had a free membership at the time so it just wasn't worth it.
but being without a gym for the past month (my family membership expired in december) was starting to make me totally stir-crazy. i mean, with a foot of snow on the ground, it's not like i can just go for a run around the mwc. & while i am by no means a gym junkie or fitness freak, i definitely notice a difference in my energy, mood, and overall health when i'm working out regularly vs. not. so i caved & joined.
& i couldn't be more excited about it!!

reasons i already love xsport:
you pay month-to-month.
you have a full month to decide if you like it.
if not, you get a full refund.
the gym is open 24 hrs a day.
it's $39/mo & membership includes unlimited access to the pool & all of the classes offered.
i did the "muscle max" class followed by "six pack attack" last night & i'm definitely feeling it today, which i love because, duh, that means it's working.
xsport is massive & has an insane amount of machines, all of which come with their own little tv.
so i don't have to watch soap operas with the woman next to me & there's no waiting around for the elliptical.
when you join, you get a free fitness evaluation by a personal trainer.
i'm meeting with him tomorrow at 1:30. he'll tell me how out of shape i really am, what kinds of workouts with best benefit my body to get the results i want, how many calories i should be eating a day, etc. i'm psyched!!
i have friends who are members there.
workout buddies!

so if you decide to join xsport or at least check it out, which i highly recommend you do, please give them my name as a reference. if you do, i get a free month!! which - lets be real - i could definitely use.
happy working out, lovers.

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