Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Night Confessional

loved playing tourist around chicago with cindy & sara this weekend! :)
i miss taryn, jt, & aaron aready.
they're probably my 3 besties in chicago & they all just moved into an apt downtown this weekend. that means a lot less weekday dollar beer nights at dj's & nights out at tracy's. it's going to be so lonely around here. :(
boys make me sad.
i'm beginning to think i'm cursed when it comes to relationships. i don't even want to get into it.
god, please make things happen for me.
great things. asap.
happy 25th birthday, casey!!!!
haha, so approp. :)


  1. Oh I know Cindy through her friend Christen!!! Love her! Love your blog by the way! I love the Sunday Night Confessionals!

  2. haha no way!! small world. :)