Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday (Monday) Night Confessional

i miss my dallas friends!!!
austin has come up in conversation like 5 times in the past month and it just takes me back to river floating, 6th/4th streeting, sunburns and gay bars with "my girls" bahaha.
i am beyond! excited! to move into my new apt.
fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy - if all goes as planned. our technical move-in date is tuesday the 1st but the place is vacant so we're seeing about getting the keys early.
i mean this in the least conceited way possible: juggling the men currently in my life is exhausting.
dinners, lunches, parties, bars, friends, work, need sleep ah. more deets on that will just have to be discussed offline, haha.
this weekend was super fun but also extremely.... interesting.
so great. so terrible.
i'm going to start painting and generally reconnecting with my love for art.
and i'm going to start by trying to recreate this little baby for my apt. love!
speaking of - you should probably check out ekaterina koroleva's website. great stuff.

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